Executive Education Programs

Competition, globalisation and market uncertainties in business world are among the main challenges faced by today’s leading corporations. For the corporations to deal with such a high competition level and to achieve a sustainable growth, employees should develop their leadership, creativity and on-site problem solving skills. From this perspective, we tailor our Executive Education Programs with maximum care and diligence and entirely to meet the specific needs of your organization, and aim to contribute both to professional and personal development of your employees.

The precious trainers involved in our programs comprise of academicians and industrial leaders with whom we are in cooperation on account of our international academic connections and institutional relations, as well as academic members of Koç University.

Koç University Executive Education Programs are presented as a whole both with academic knowledge and the reflections and practices of this knowledge within the business world. The programs are tailored entirely to the meet the specific needs of your organization in regard with scope and time, the scope of education is enriched with examples and cases selected from the sector of your organization.